Wednesday, August 19, 2009

She Left Her Waterpot (John 4)

Water is the life blood of any person. One can go weeks, perhaps months with out food but to abstain from water will spell a swift death. We often overlook the miraculous nature of modern society. All I have to do is turn a knob and I have almost a limitless source of water. This was not the case in the ancient world. People often traveled great distances just on a rumor of fresh water. Recall, that the Children of Israel were given water from a rock and the were given sweet water. Jesus in John 4 tells this woman who has lived a live of moral famine that she also, as a Samaritan, can have access to a source of perpetual living water. The water Jesus offers will never run out. Indeed, it will well up in a person unto eternal life. The scandal of this encounter consists of Jesus conversing with a woman and worse a Samaritan woman. The free gift of Living water is offered even to the outcasts of society. By the end of the encounter her thought of water from the well vanished and all she wanted to do was tell the men of the city of this marvelous man who told her exactly what she needed at the moment.

"So the woman left her water pot (John 4:28)."

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