Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Glimpse Behind the Veil (John 1 - 2)

John provides us with a tremendous glimpse of the True nature of the Christ. He is co-equal with the Father yet distinct. A seeming contradiction. He is the Logos. In greek intellectual circles the logos is the controlling reason of the universe. This logos was with (pros) the father. This relationship indicates a face-to-face interaction. The logos and the father shared an intimate connection. The logos would become tabernacled in space and time during the incarnation. John than gives us a facinating statement of the status of the Logos. He is monogenes Theos, the only-begotton God. We are not polytheists. Yet here in John's gospel we are presented with two distinct persons the Father and the Logos yet they are one. A profound mystery to be sure.

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