Monday, August 17, 2009

David's Major Weakness (1 Sam 25)

Nothing so hypnotizes that heart of a man like the beauty and form of a woman. In 1 Samuel 24 David overlooks the murderous threats of Saul and spares his life. Contrast that story with the story of Nabal and Abigail. Nabal, the fool, is married to Abigail. The text tells us that Abigail was intelligent and beautiful. A combination hard for any man to resist. David sends men to Nabal to greet him in peace and Nabal insults the men. Upon hearing this news David and his men gird up their swords and go to see Nabal (with the intent to kill him). Abigail hears this turn of events and rides out to meet David and intercedes for her foolish husband. David recognizes the righteousness of Abigail and spares Nabals life. Some time would pass and Nabal would die of natural causes (the text states that the LORD struck Nabal). David praises the Lord at this news and immediately takes Abigail to be his wife. One would think that David would now be content with his new wife but this is not the case. The text states that at that time David also took Ahinoam as his wife. Polygamy is the natural state of man, even a man "after God's own heart' like David.

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